Information on the report

This annual report of Public Joint-Stock Company Federal Hydro-Generating Company RusHydro (“PJSC RusHydro” or the “Company”) for 2019 is the 15th annual report prepared by the Company to address a diverse range of stakeholders. The report has been prepared in an integrated format to include comprehensive information on the financial, operational and sustainability performance of RusHydro Group1 in 2019, as well as the plans and forecasts for the medium and long term. [102-50]

This report publishes the information (marked by special symbols) proposed for disclosure in previous reporting campaigns, as well as in the process of interaction with stakeholders in the preparation of the Annual Report for 2019: — taking into account recommendations of the expert community; OS — taking into account recommendations of stakeholders other than the expert community.

The appendices to this annual report are available in the Appendices Book on the Company’s website http://www.eng.rushydro.ru/

See the Company’s annual reports for the previous years at http://www.eng.rushydro.ru/

See RusHydro's corporate social responsibility and sustainability reports for the previous years on the Company’s website at http://www.eng.rushydro.ru/
The key topic of the 2019 Annual Report is 15 years anniversary of PJSC RusHydro.